Christopher Tonucci

I am a web designer & front-end web developer skilled in React, NodeJS & the Adobe Creative Suite as well as template platforms such as Shopify & Wordpress. My experience & background in graphic design allow me to bridge the gap between design & development to create beautiful applications & websites.

When I'm not writing code, you'll find me streaming on Twitch (Code & Nintendo Games), or driving/working on my 1990 Supra. I am also working on content to help streamers learn to code while spicing up their streams with HTML, CSS, and Javascript call Stream Visuals. is my newest work-in-progress application which allows Twitch streamers to filter chat by words or phrases to then save those messages and/or display them easily on their Twitch Stream.

Frontend: ReactJS, Redux, Tailwind CSS, FontAwesome,

Backend: NodeJS, Express, Mongoose, Passport,

Github Video

Diablo II Item Tracker

The Diablo 2 Item tracker is an Application that allows Streamers to display 'Recently Found Items' on stream. This application seeks to keep track of items found and easily display them on stream with a url as a browser source in OBS or XSplit.

Frontend: ReactJS and Reactstrap.

Backend: NodeJS, Express and MongoDB.

Github Demo Video

Streamlytics: A Twitch Statistics App

Twitch Affiliates currently do not have a way to see meaningful statistics regarding their broadcasts. This application seeks to display valuable data to the streamers to help improve stream quality, community interactions and eventually help them achieve Twitch Partnerships. Currently, this application keeps track of as close to 'real-time' statistics as possible for viewership and followers.

Frontend: ReactJS, Bootstrap and ChartJS.

Backend: NodeJS, Express and MongoDB.

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An application that allows users to send surveys to customers or clients to receive feedback regarding different topics.

Frontend: ReactJS, Redux, ReactStrap (Bootstrap), FontAwesome.

Backend: NodeJS, Express, Mongoose, Passport, Stripe API, Sendgrid API.

Github Demo Video

1990 Toyota Supra

I enjoy taking the Supra out for scenic drives along the Delaware River Valley.

Stream Visuals

Currently in designing phase